Justin Szucsits

         Welcome to my online portfolio.  Here, you will be able to explore my career as an undergraduate at Holy Cross College.  I am a born and raised native of South Bend, Indiana and it has been an honor to attend college in my hometown.  If you are questioning the significance of this photo, the answer is very simple: I believe it is a fine representation of my fun and energetic nature.  As a freshman, the theme for Holy Cross was "Experience Matters".  My engagement in the Four Pillars brought me to discover in an even greater respect for how much experience truly does matter.  I believe that the engagement in such experiences has a way of reintroducing one to one's self.  I pride myself upon my openness to new experiences, and I account my experiences as vital attributes to both my personal and collegiate success.  Through undergraduate experiences, I can honestly say that Holy Cross has blessed me with "The competence to see, and the courage to act." 

       It has been beyond a blessing to be enrolled in a college that focuses so heavily on building students with strong character and integrity.  Each Holy Cross BA is required to complete four large scale experiences that build, "The competence to see, and the courage to act."  Holy Cross' greatest asset is, in my opinion, the ability for students to acquire a relationship-based education.  It is an environment where the professors know students by name, and where they are provided with the comfort of knowing that help is always available whenever necessary.  

       Had it not been for an unexpected encounter with Dr. Holland, I may have never known about, or even considered attending Holy Cross.  It all started at Burger King believe it or not.  I was ordering my food, wearing my letter jacket as she happens to be standing right behind me.  She was very impressed by my jacket, and sought me to be the well-rounded student she looks for at her college.  We did not speak much there; however, after Burger King is where the magic happened.  I was a 4 year letter winner in swimming at Washington High School, and ironically, Dr. Holland's children swam for Marion whom were our opponents on this very day.  It turns out; she attended the swim meet, saw me perform, and happened to be sitting right next to my mother in the stands where she told her anything and everything she needed to know about Holy Cross College.  So, after the meet, once I got home, my mother spoke to me about Dr. Holland's interest in my attending Holy Cross.  I became intrigued, and the fall of that very same year I found myself attending orientation, followed by enrollment at Holy Cross the following Spring.  And now, come December, I am proud to reveal that I will have received my degree as a Business major and Communications minor.

       I will be the first to admit that when I first began attending Holy Cross, I have no idea what my major of choice was, let alone which career I wished to pursue.  If there is one thing I can say about Holy Cross, it is that in four years, all of that has changed.  Not only, will I soon have received my BA degree in Business, but Holy Cross has also provided me with the means by which to have decided upon several career paths I feel passionate about to discern.  Holy Cross helped me to mature in mind, body, and spirit, and through my engagement in the Four Pillars, I believe I have acquired the competence to see, and the courage to act.  Father Basil Moreau, Founder of the Holy Cross Congregation, stated so eloquently, "We prepare our students for the world."  To be completely honest, Holy Cross has done just that for me.    

       After learning a bit about me, and my road to and through Holy Cross, I would like to invite you to explore a number of the other links above to enable you to gain a more detailed idea of my experiences at Holy Cross.  Thank you for taking the time to look at my e-folio.